Dsp Mixer

Professional Audio Devices

BB-box is currently prototyping a small powerful DSP based mixer recorder. It has professional balanced analouge audio and digital AES IO

Developing pcb audio cards for professional audio applications.

Ultra low noise dual rail power supply module with ultra low noise phantom power | sub 20 micro volts peek to peek noise

Differential digitally controlled preamp cards

professional differential transformerless line driver card

professional headphone driver card

Professional audio recorder application based on ARM microcontroller with integrated hardware DSP

BB-box DSP Mixer Recoder

Dsp Mixer

8 analouge differntial balanced inputs and outputs

8 digital AES balanced inputs and outputs

DSP effects , commpressor , filters , EQ etc

shared low jitter 24.576mhz shared clock DSP ADC and DAC & ARM micro

48khz - 192khz 24bit audio recording and playback

Full bluetooth LE 4.0 APP control

BB-box chanstrip digital preamp

Dsp Mixer

0db line level 10db - 60db digital mic gain control in 1db steps

SPI control for micro controler

High quality Pannasonic FC AC coupling capacitors for ADC inputs and phantom power DC blocking

Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) with Gain = 30dB: 0.0004%

digitally controlled PhotoMos phantom power switching from microcontroller for noise isolation

Zero Crossing Detection Minimizes Audible Artifacts when changing Gain

Integrated DC Servo Minimizes Output Offset Voltage

Balanced line/mic input protection

Ferrite beads for high freqncey RF filtering helps prevent unwanted RF harmonic noise in audio signal